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September 30, 2005



Mike better get with the birthday massaging or get with a gift certificate:-)
I hope your day got better. Happy Birthday, woman! You made me remember how your birthday is also Patrick Powers and how we would all go to Denny's and sit at a long table, so you two could get the free meals.


Denny's. I distinctly remember Leigh saying, if not ordering, Moon Over MiHammi. Mihammy...


Happy Birthday! I still have a pic of the gang at Denny's for you and Patrick's bday. And i still think fondly of Moons Over My Hammy
= )


i miss those days! you three were the nucleus of my Richmond experience when we were in school. awww it warms a girl's heart. . . .


I ate Moons Over My Hammy a couple of weeks ago; I hadn't had it in years. It was still good.

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