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August 24, 2005



I found that the best incentive for getting into a regular exercise routine was my clothes--it was hard at first, but got so much easier once all the clothes that felt tight and uncomfortable a few months earlier started fitting better. The only thing I suggest is going to a gym that actually listens to you when you request that they give you more choices on the tv's in front of the treadmills than CNN, ESPN, ESPN 2, and Fox news.


all you really need to do is go back to taking mazy out for morning and afternoon walks... mazy can stand to lose a couple of pounds. :) congrats on the jeans!


i am relaying this message from Mazy Farrell:

I feel it is inappropriate to address my weight problem when talking about my owner's issues. I have been battling an ongoing struggle with my weight and i feel any sensitivity to that would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much.


Mazy, Honey, just admit it, you got a little junk in the trunk.

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